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After the vicious war in 2015 between America and North Korea erupted into full scale madness the world has never been the same. On June the 3rd is the day everything changed, the day North Korea placed their attack on the White House; The day they took control of America; The day they changed the world as we knew it. They stormed Washington with a swarm of troops, well planned and well executed they took over the White House with deadly force killing anyone in their way and the days to follow became worse.

They took the state of Washington hostage, barricading off the area and flooding their troops into America, by this time they had already convinced China, Japan and South Korea to join them on their conquest to control the world, branding them the largest army in the world! As the days followed Korea and their allies held Washington with over 100,000 troops stationed there and they wiped out everyone who was not of their race. The Korean president Shi-Woo Ye-Jun promised that he would rule the world. They slowly started growing, picking off the states around Korea one by one, growing in power and size as they did, until America had decided enough was enough, they contact England and the rest of Europe whom had decided that Korea had passed enough boundaries to warrant an attack to clear them from American land.

After several years of war, cities were destroyed, thousands of men had died and the war had spread throughout the world. It's now time to take your city back and to fight against those who've destroyed everything around you!